Types Of Repressive Political Ideologies

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There are many types of repressive political ideologies, also known as isms, destroying this world’s sense of equality. Some are more repressive than others; moreover, ableism is a degrading and horrific ism. Ableism has existed since the early 1800’s and the history of ableism set the foundation for the way people affected by ableism are treated today; therefore, prompting a change in the people unaffected by the ism will produce a more productive and positive society. Ableism is defined as the “discrimination or prejudice against individuals with disabilities,” (Merriam-Webster). Isms, such as ableism, are generated to make those that do not coincide with society’s views of normality feel as if their existence is unwanted. Those who discriminate against disabled people are only furthering the unequal individual representation in the world; therefore, they are pushing society away from a positive and productive setting. Discriminating individuals for a disability they cannot control shows how social equality has diminished. This ism promotes pessimistic views of able-bodied individuals and should be abolished in order to revoke the oppressive demeanor those without disabilities emit. Thomas Hehir, former director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, defines ableism as “the devaluation of disability,” (Hehir). Dr. Hehir explains that this form of ism leads disabled people to believe they are of lesser value than other individuals
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