Types Of Rubrics : Analytic And Holistic

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The Vermont Book Award is a contest that would be best judged using a rubric. A rubric is simply a guide for assessment based on specific criteria. Its purpose is to grade a piece of work by performance and quality. It gives structure to observations and judgements, making it easier to give a subject an overall grade (Bookhart). Not only would the books be easier to grade, the structure of a rubric gives the grader a clear target which encourages the accuracy and fairness of a grade, as well as the advancement of personal learning (Wolf). There are two types of rubrics: analytic and holistic. A holistic rubric is a more general which can be applied to many things (Bookhart). However, I chose to create an analytic rubric because it is more …show more content…
These are necessary in order to back up the claims that I will be making.

The criterion and weight percentages were chosen because they best represent what I believe to make a great book. Although analysis of the introduction, synopsis, and theme are criterion that wouldn’t normally be emphasized by most, I feel that they are crucial to a novel. The synopsis is what the reader is first going to look at before opening the book. It is one of the most important parts of a book. Personally, I spend an insane amount of time looking for a book that is worth taking the little time I have as a busy college student. If the synopsis is not well written, the book faces the possibility of never even being opened. Writing a great synopsis is pivotal to the skills of any writer who aspires to be great (Redwine). Just like the synopsis has set a subtle preview of the book and grab the attention of the reader, so does the introduction (Cali). There has been many instances in which I have only read the first couple of pages before I decided to chuck it, and I am not the only one who has done this. For example, when The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck was assigned to my english class, many of my friends couldn’t bare to read more than a few pages. I feel that the introduction is often overlooked in rubrics because of this. Another piece of criteria that I found to be very important is the theme. The theme

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