Types Of Special Force From Each Country

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When most people think about world war 1 they typically think 5 things. Trench warfare, gas, machine guns, airplanes, and tanks. But i would like to talk about a subject that is not typically discussed by the general public but is talked a ton by historians. Storm Troopers, shock troopers, the arditi etc. Whatever you want to call these units of brave/strong fighters, they were definitely an early form of special forces. In this research paper i’ll be explaining the different types of special force from each country (if they had any). When they were put on the frontlines to see combat, And general knowledge on each individual unit. These shock troops or special forces first came to fruition in the later years of the war. Many…show more content…
They would easily get mowed down in droves by machine guns, blown apart by artillery, or picked off by a sniper. These multiple empires were losing men way too fast, They needed to come up with new tactics to infiltrate an enemy trench instead of just sending everyone out there to be killed. (http://spartacus-educational.com/FWWinfiltration.htm )The allies came up with the idea to create giant steel war machines known now as Tanks.
Tanks were a terrifying new addition to modern warfare. The allies used them extensively throughout the later years of war, especially in 1918. The germans were astounded about how effective the tank was as making paths in no man’s land, Cleaving thru barbed war like a hot knife going thru butter. The germans had to come up with a new way to gain ground during the war, they decided to enhance their infantry forces training, Making them more superior than the typical allied soldier.
The russians were the first to actually pioneer new tactics to the test during the war. Russian command order a massive attack that would be later known as the Breakthrough of the Brusilov offensive. (Timothy Dowling pages 1- 208)
On 4 June 1916 the Russians began an an offensive known as the Brusilov offensive, with a massive, accurate but brief artillery barrage against the Austro-Hungarian lines, with the key factor of this effective bombardment being
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