Types Of Stigma Towards Schizophreni A Study Of Parents Of Adolescents Attending An Educational Program

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i. Introduction The article characteristics linked to the reduction of stigma towards schizophrenia: a before-and-after study of parents of adolescents attending an educational program examines the factors linked to the educational programs aimed at lowering the levels of stigma associated with schizophrenia. The authors of the article are Yiwei Ling, KouheiAkazawa, Hatsumi Yoshii and Mayumi Watanabe. The article was published in the BioMed Central Public Health journal on March 18, 2014. Statement of the problem The article examines the factors that have an impact on the success of a web-based educational program that had a primary goal of reducing stigma in individuals with the illness. Social theory The functionalism theory is being…show more content…
In the previous article, it was evident that awareness of one 's illness was linked to the better function outcomes and lower self-esteem and hope. The explanation that was given for such findings was based on the concept that acceptance would impact on the outcomes in different ways depending on the meaning that one attaches to the acceptance. In this case, variability will be evident depending on the extent that one accepts stigmatizing ideologies and beliefs concerning mental illnesses. Unique from people with other psychiatric and mental conditions, schizophrenia individuals will more often than not willfully contest or are unaware of what others think of them to be mentally ill. Taken fully, the phenomena was described as a lack of awareness but showed a contradiction with some part of the results. From the results, it was concluded that acceptance of schizophrenia is highly dependent on the meaning that the patient attaches to schizophrenia. In the article, it was believed that if one believes that the illness is an implication that they cannot achieve some socially valued roles, and this could lead to hopelessness and demotivation of perseverance. Nonetheless, if the patient does not share in the opinion thatillness can preclude the possibilities of satisfying life, then the patient’s awareness of the condition will make them seek
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