Types Of Teams And How They Work

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Types of Teams and How They Work
In the business world, organization is a “systematic grouping of people brought together to accomplish some specific task.” (Robbin, DeCenzo, & Robert, 2013) An organization can be made of workgroups and work teams. While in a work team, members help create and gather information, accomplish different tasks, and meet common goals; whereas work groups interact to share information. “Today, more and more companies are incorporating teams—of a variety of sizes and types—into their workflows” (Miller, B.) There are so many different teams, but the following will be discussed self-directed work teams, cross-functions teams, problem-solving teams, and virtual teams. It is also important to be aware of the obstacles that exist while trying to construct an effective team and the overcoming of the challenges that teams face.
There are differences between a workgroup and a work team. A group “is two or more interacting and interdependent individuals who come together to achieve particular objectives.” (Robbin, DeCenzo, & Robert, 2013) In a workgroup, individuals, usually three or more, come together to share information and make decisions to help each other achieve their organizational goal. For example, “a small business may have a client services group, but one person may focus on local clients, one person may focus on regional clients and a third person may assist those individuals. Also, groups tend to be permanent fixtures with ongoing goals
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