Types Of Techniques For Gathering Requirements For Any Type Of Organization

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There are various types of techniques for gathering requirements for any type of organization. The best way to perform this information gathering task is to ask questions to customers. This requirements questionnaire could be the questions related to the software project. The basic purpose of these interviews is just to clarify understanding of project concerns. It is considered as most powerful technique to direct understanding of customer’s and stakeholder’s needs & expectations. The basic questions that should be asked to pizza hut as a customer are as follow: 1. What does success look like for this system? -This question should be asked to measure success criteria and estimation of project scope. 2. What is a typical scenario for…show more content…
6. What must happen to achieve this goal or outcome? -Defining the goals and objectives of the software project reflects the positivity towards implementation.It helps to measure different criteria as productivity, profits, turnover,stability etc.And this suggests the implementation plans. 7. What are the main events that might happen next? -To analyze the next possible activities. 8. What do you see as the biggest risks to consider? -To identify the possible risks and threats.And find the solutions for those. 9. What are the pain points we are trying to alleviate with this system? -This is the most important question,that must be consider as it suggests the purpose of the software project and supports to the project ideas,that are unique.The more it is effective,there is a growth of an organization. 10. Who will benefit most from this project being completed? -To identify the prosperity and assistance from the software project. 11. What are the main events that might happen next? 12. What different conditions must the business deal with in the course of doing this process? 13. Are there any other processes that need to be done to support this process? 14. What would you change about the way you carry out your responsibilities? 15. What is the timeline for deployment of the system? According to my perspective, following are some important questions that should be consider for requirement elicitation for the case like - Software to
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