Types Of Threats That Can Affect A Business

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In an information systems, there are many different types of threats that can affect a business on a day to day operations. Once there is a plan set for contingencies, disasters, many different attacks, and other potential causes of service interruption. The next step for a business to develop a disaster recovery plan and have a continuity plan. A contingency plan is a certain plan that an organization develops as a course of actions to help the organization respond effectively to a future disaster. It is a plan B just in case anything in the system fails. Some of the ways to plan for a contingency plan is to develop a plan within the policy statement of the company which grants authority and guidance necessary to develop the effective plan. Have a business impact analysis this helps identify and give priority to the systems with their critical components and supporting the organization mission. Identify preventive controls this is to have a reduction of disruptions within the system and while doing this increases the systems availability. Create strategies to recover anything that a system can lose when it has been disturbed. Having detailed guidance and procedures for restoring a damaged system and having a security impact level and more recovery requirements. Ensure testing, training and exercises to improve overall organization preparedness by testing recovering capabilities, training personal for plan activation and exercise the plan to see the plans faults.…
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