Types Of Tissue, Nervous, And Muscular Tissue.epithelial

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Tissues Project There are 4 types of tissue in our body.They are the epithelial,connective,nervous,and muscular tissue.Epithelial covers the whole surface of the body.It occurs on the surfaces on the interior of the body.The cells are packed tightly together.There are six types of epithelial tissue which are simple squamous ,simple cuboidal ,simple columnar ,stratified columnar ,stratified cuboidal ,pseudostratified columnar.Epithelial tissue is usually separated from the tissue by a thin sheet of connective tissue.The connective tissue is a group of tissues in the body that maintains the form of the body and its organs.It provides cohension and internal support.The connective has 7 types of tissue.They are loose connective tissue,fibrous tissue,bone tissue,cartilage,adipose tissue,and blood tissue.The nervous tissue is is specialised to react to stimuli.Its also conduct impulses to various organs in the body.There are only two types of nervous tissue,neuron and neuroglial.The neuron are easily stimulated and transmit impulses very rapidly.They are not sensitive to stimuli.They do not conduct nerve impulses.The main function of the muscular system is movement.The three types of muscular tissue is cardiac,skeletal,and smooth.Cardiac muscle tissue shows some of the characteristics of smooth and of skeletal.The skeletal is attached to and bring about the movement of the various bones of the skeleton.Smooth is made up of thin-elongated muscle cells, which are called fibres. A

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