Types Of Treatment For Anxiety Disorders

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Introduction Anxiety disorders are distressing, and impairing conditions, associated with significant social costs (Palazzo, Altamura, Stein, & Baldwin, 2014). There are many different types of treatment for anxiety disorders. Some are more effective than others. The studies within this paper will further tell us about anxiety disorder, different types of treatments, and treatment effectiveness.
The Purpose of the Studies The purpose of the study by Palazzo, Altamura, Stein, and Baldwin (2014) was to find published literature on health literacy about psychotropic medications. The study also includes some difference between public beliefs and clinicians’ opinions. It is said that anxiety symptoms and disorders often lead to the development of other mental and physical disorders. It was proved that mental literacy is effective in encouraging a help seeking attitude. Unfortunately little is known about how to enhance knowledge about psychotropic medications. Depression and an anxiety disorder in young patients and in clinicians’ opinions showed that there are difference between public beliefs and clinicians’ opinions. Norton, Abbott, Norberg, and Hunt (2015) studied mindfulness and acceptance based treatments for social anxiety disorders. The advancement of mindfulness and acceptance has been associated with psychological supplementary wellbeing. Individuals avoid or endure situations with intense anxiety, which leads to impairment in life functioning.…
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