Types Of Treatments For People With Orthodontic Appliances

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Mary Catherine Sobiesk
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21 September 2015
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Generally, one of the first things a person notices when meeting someone for the first time is his or her teeth. Teeth are essential in everyday life whether being used to smile for a picture or simply to eat. Because teeth are necessary, many individuals will go to an orthodontist that can help in perfecting teeth. The “perfecting” is often done to improve appearance. There are many types of treatments used in orthodontics, some new and some old. Orthodontic treatments can be split into two main categories: fixed orthodontic appliances and Invisalign. Overall, Fixed orthodontic appliances produce better results than Invisalign.
Orthodontic appliances are very common in the world today. If an individual took the time to analyze the teeth of people surrounding him or her, the individual would notice a large selection of people with orthodontic appliances. People receive orthodontic treatment for many reasons. Individuals reasoning for orthodontic treatment may be for personal gain or for health gain.
One major reason people get orthodontic care is because they desire a better appearance to their teeth. In an article published in the journal: “Community Dental Health”, PS Fleming, K Proczek, and AT DiBiase wrote about the results of a questionnaire conducted to determine what motivated people to get orthodontic treatment. The results concluded that most…
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