Types Of Unemployment From Modern Societies

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Nine important types of Unemployment found in Modern Societies are : 1.Voluntary unemployment, 2. Frictional unemployment, 3. Casual unemployment, 4. Seasonal unemployment, 5. Structural unemployment, 6. Technological unemployment, 7. Cyclical unemployment, 8. Chronic unemployment, 9. Disguised unemployment. The various types of unemployment may be classified as follows: 1. Voluntary Unemployment: In every society, there are some people who are unwilling to work at the prevailing wage rate, and there are some who are lucky enough to get a continuous flow of unearned income from their unemployed status. Jobs are available for them but they do not want to accept them. Voluntary unemployment may be a national waste of human energy, but it is not a serious economic problem with any social repercussions. Voluntary unemployment is consistent with the state of full employment. 2. Frictional Unemployment: Frictional unemployment is a temporary phenomenon. It may take place in various ways. When some workers are temporarily out of work while changing jobs, it is called “frictional unemployment.” Similarly, strikes and lockouts may result in the suspension of work, and there may exist some frictional unemployment for the time being. To some extent, frictional unemployment is also caused by the imperfect mobility of labour. Factors inhibiting the geographical or occupational movement of unemployed workers into vacant jobs, thus, cause frictional unemployment. Hence the problem of
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