Types Of Window Being Used For The Selected Granule

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lock_type - only used if the flag has been set. It specifies the type of window being used for the selected granule. The value 00 is unethical (as it is a 2 bit variable, which can be referred in the memory allocation table) as block_type is only used when normal windows are not in use. mixed_blockflag - only triggered if flag from he windows_switching_flag has been set. It is responsible to indicate the various types of windows that are currently in use in the low and high frequencies. The two lowest subbands are processed using a normal window and the remaining 30 subbands are processed using the window given by the block_type_variable. table_select - There are various Huffman coded tables that are encoded during the encoding process of MP3. table_select selects the correct Huffman table for each region, granule and channel based on the maximum quantised value and local statistics of the 576 frequency lines of the audio signal. However, the table_select inlet decodes the big_values by choosing one of the 32 Huffman tables that are predefined but they ISO. subblock_gain- In the event of short windows being chosen over long windows (block_type = 2) by the window_switching_flag, the variable subblock_gain is used which outputs as the gain offset from the global gain for each subblock and the calculation is done diving the values of the subblock by 4 (subblock_gain[window]) region0_count and region1_count - the big_values are further broken down to two regions names region0…
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