Types and Characteristics of Compressors

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There are four main types of rotary compressors: rotary vane compressors, scroll compressors, wobble plate compressors and swash plate compressors that are used in automotive conditioning units. Each type of these compressors carries with its inherent operational characteristics. For example, in comparison with other rotary types, scroll compressors exhibit high performance, low noise and small vibration, but are difficultly to manufacture and have complex structure (Akazawa et al., 1996; Yi and Qian, 2008) .
For further improvement in the air conditioning and refrigeration system, many researchers focus on the Improvement of the compressor unit; In particular, developing a new compressor technology. A new compressor will indeed be a great effort to further improve the general performance of the air conditioning system.
Most of the vehicle air conditioning systems use the type of reciprocating compressor. One could say that the popularity of reciprocating mechanism is the result of their well-known compression concept which has been applied also in the internal combustion engine. The rotary compressor has proven durability and high efficiency for automotive applications while offering smaller form factor at the same time (Chang, 1983). Besides their good reliability and efficiency, rotary compressors developments have resulted in simpler structure and…
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