Types and Functions of Retailers

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These items are mostly purchased from wholesaler and sold at a markup price by the retailers. They are an important part of an integrated system known as supply chain.
The word retailer has been derived from an old French word "Retail" which means to sell goods in relatively smaller quantities rather than selling in bulk.
Retailer can also be referred to as a person who buys various types of goods from the wholesaler in relatively small quantities and then transfer these goods to the final consumer acting as a last hub in the chain of distribution.
However, modern retailing offers something more than the conventional retailing that we know about. Modern retailing helps in connecting local consumers to International markets by encouraging availability of goods from different foreign brands to its final consumers (Scott, 1985).
Characteristics of Retailer:
Following are the important characteristics of retailer:
He purchases goods in relatively large amount from the supplier (Wholesaler) and sell them in small quantities to the final consumer.
He is referred to as the last link and an important part in the supply chain.
He normally deals in general and different types of products.
He establishes personal link with the final consumer.
He aims to provide maximum satisfaction…
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