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Types of Assessment Tests
1) Develop a chart (matrix) of 1000−1,250 words that compares and contrasts the different types of assessments, the characteristics of each, and for what situations each is best suited. It should address the following:
a) How is each type of assessment scored?
b) Discuss the value and limitations of each test in determining knowledge and skill standards.
c) Analyze each instrument for reliability and validity.
2) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
3) Submit the assignment to the instructor by the end of Module 3.
Ok I am going to lay the paper out as follows, I will give the type of assessment first, and then how it is scored, then its limitations and then reliability.
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These can also be highly informal and done in a large group setting. If introducing a new topic, start by just asking some real easy questions regarding the topic and then write them down on a large piece of paper. This gives the students a visual aide and allows the teacher to have bases of what information the kids know and what still needs to be addressed. Students on most occasions tend to truly like this assessment because it gives them a chance to speak and be heard. Some students on the other hand do not actually like it unless they are in a one on one setting with a teacher.
Oral Assessment instruments should have an acceptable level of reliability in terms of internal consistency, test and re-test reliability and alternative form reliability. Its content must also have the necessary validity to be a valid assessment instrument, must be predictive and concurrent.
Woodcock Johnson Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities Revised. It has good high level tasks for specific drill down areas and strong norms including pediatrics /grade level equivalents but is not normed for ABI or other disease categories.
Woodcock Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities Third Edition It’s comprehensive battery is strong and well normed. Client can pick and choose the subtests. Limitations: This is an expensive test to administer and it is cumbersome to get full picture of client in one hour with this tool.

Scores in Oral Fluency
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