Types of Assessment Used in Lifelong Learninh Essay

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12.1 Types of assessment used in lifelong learning
There are three types of assessments used in lifelong learning. These are; * Initial * Formative * Summative
At the beginning of a course the prior knowledge of a student must be uncovered; this is what the initial assessment is for. Establishing knowledge of ability through an initial assessment allows the tutor to tailor the teaching material appropriately, giving more time when lesson planning to cover weaker areas and spending less time on areas where there is already lots of knowledge. The initial assessment should also highlight any special needs, unusual requirements and learning support that a student may have.
Assessment also takes place during the learning
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Suitable for many subjects, both academic and vocational.

12.3 Strengths and limitations of assessment methods to meet individual student needs

Assessment method | Strengths | Limitations | Computer based | Uniform standard of test; instant results; suitable for many subjects; versatile media allows video | Requires expensive computer suite for larger groups; requires adequate eyesight; requires computer skills and reading skills | Multiple choice questions | Uniform standard of test; includes students with writing difficulties; good for academic subjects | Requires reading skills; requires adequate eyesight; results take time to arrive; suitable as summative assessment only | Essays | Allows formative and summative assessment; essays can be corrected easily when computer based; allows expression | Demands writing or typing skills and computer literacy; can exclude dyslexics; not suitable for all subjects | Observation | Allows formative and summative assessment of vocational and practical subjects; suits ‘hands-on’ students; versatile. | Limited to practical and vocational studies; often focuses attention on one student at a time | Portfolios/diaries/journals | Useful in tracking work and identifying weaker areas; formative assessment but can contribute to final assessment and work piece; helpful for self-assessment | Doesn’t always count to final marks; requires reading and writing skills or computer literacy. | Oral assessment |

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