Types of Business Models

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Out of these business models, three of the most common and important business models are; business to consumer models (B2C), business to business models (B2B) and consumer to consumer business models (C2C).
Types of Business Models The details of the three major types of e-commerce are explained below along with examples.
Business to Consumer Model (B2C)
In this business model, e-commerce enabled businesses targets online customers to fulfill their demands. Different business models that are used as business to consumer business model are: Portal, Content Provider, Transaction Broker, Market Creator, Service Provider and Community Provider. Some of the examples of business to consumer models are; Google, Walmart, CNN, etc (Laudon & Traver, 2006)
In this paper the example of Google is explained. Google is a search engine which provides the facility of web searches to the consumers all around the world and that's why it is categorized as a B2C model. Google has become successful over the past fourteen years due to the usage of strong and advanced technology, unbeatable computer hardware structure and a brilliant website…

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