Types of Business Organisation and Ownership

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Type of business, purpose and ownership (P1)

To run a business smoothly or effectively all business have aims or purpose, this could be survivor, to grow, to become a market leader. A business also aims to provide exception service or to create a reputation as the best on market.

Types of business

To understand how business works and what they set out to achieve, it’s necessary to have an understanding of the main types of business sectors which exists within a business organisation.

There are three main types of organisation in this country: public sector and two types of private sector organisations.

* Public sector
Public sector organisations are run by the government for the people. Examples are government departments such as
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Asda has now overtaken Marks and Spencer as the UK's biggest clothing retailer16. Other well known supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Safeway, Morrisons and Waitrose are also the big competitors for Asda.

Asda products and promotions

Asda promotes their products by giving their customer price guarantees. Recently they made an advertisement on T.V comparing their price online with any other supermarkets. When a customer finds a product priced lower than what Asda’s offering, they’ve also promised to refund the difference. In September 2004 Asda started a trial of in store digital TV which will broadcast advertisements from Asda and various suppliers. The trials are taking place in its stores in Wembley and York.

| Supermarket | Total number of products | Number of Promos | % of all products on promo | Average saving per promo | Tesco | 31168 | 11844 | 38 | £0.72 | Sainsbury's | 22975 | 7722 | 33.61 | £1.06 | Asda | 27426 | 6824 | 24.88 | £0.53 |

This table shows different types of supermarkets has number of products with various promotions. This table also helps indentifying the percentages of all products that these supermarkets produce. From the table customer who shops at Sainsbury’s on average can save up to £1.06 whereas customer who goes to Tesco can save up to 72p. Last but not the least Asda is leading with their most products on promotions which savings the customer money more than
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