Types of Cancer

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Sarcoma- is a cancer that grows on the cartilage, fat, bone, muscle and tendons which are the connective tissues in the body.
Leukaemia- is a cancer of the bone marrow and affects the blood, lymphatic and immune system.
I have decided to do my Cancer Research task on skin cancer as it is a very common form of cancer and my grandpa was a victim to it. It also has a very broad research field that interests me and I would like to know and better understand how my grandpa acquired it and how his lifestyle had to be accommodated to prevent the skin cancer from spreading or from developing again.

Skin cancer
There are three most common types of skin cancer:
Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) - Most common form of skin cancer and is found in the basal cells which are located in the outer skin layer.
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) – Second most common form of skin cancer and develops in the form of a tumour located on the outer skin layer.
Malignant Melanoma- Most deadly form of skin cancer, it can be cured by early detection and regular self-examination is very important. Can be detected by examining if your mole is asymmetrical, if the borders are irregular or blurred, the colour must be the same, the size and if the mole is growing. [The ABC’s of Melanoma, Addendum A]

The normal function of the skin:
The skin…
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