Types of Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is among the most common procedures performed in older people and is one of the oldest procedures known. It is done due to the lens becoming cloudy and leads to the vision being affected. This happens when proteins in the lens clump together causing the cloudy area to become larger, affecting vision more over time. The most common cause is age related, but it could also be due to other reasons such as traumatic, diabetic, radiation, secondary and congenital. The first type of cataract treatment done was known as couching. This technique could only be performed on lenses that were completely opaque, rigid and heavy to the point where the zonules were fragile. The eye would then be struck with a blunt object with enough force to cause the zonules to break causing the lens to dislocate and lie in the vitreous cavity, restoring limited, completely unfocussed vision. Centuries later, this technique was modified where a sharp instrument was inserted into the eye to break the zonules. In 1748, the first surgical cataract removal occurred in Paris. Topical anesthetic was instilled and an incision was made that went halfway around the cornea and the entire opaque lens was removed. It was important that the lens was “ripened” meaning completely hardened so that the lens would not break into pieces when being removed. Thus this surgery was restricted to only the most advanced cataracts. Fine sutures weren’t available at that time so patients were immobilized with
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