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The word communication is taken from the word communicate which is also taken from the word commune. The word commune means to share ideas, feelings, according to the Grolier's dictionary. Communication is the process of imparting or interchanging of thoughts and opinions by speech, writing or signs. There are several types and kinds of communication. Some types of communication are: mass communication, group communication, individual, public, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, corporate communication.

Kinds of involves how the communication process is carried out, this can also be considered the setting of communication. The kinds of communication are formal, informal, grapevine and bypass communication.

Kinds of
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One way to combat the potential destructive consequences of the inaccurate information is to take the time to listen to the grapevine instead of ignoring it. Once managers are aware of the content of the grapevine, they can head off potential problems by manipulating further grapevine communications by injecting factual information into the pipeline. This actually serves a dual purpose.

Bypass communication usually takes the form of grapevine communication but is usually used to spread news of importance among many senders and receivers. The information passed on are usually true even if distorted or exaggerated somehow. An example of such communication is the news of death in regards to a well known figure or untimely tragedies. Bypass may be interrupted at any point of the process since there is no guarantee the news must be passed on. Bypass communication may be limited to only one community or spread among many over a large geographical area. This communication is usually done by passing on information in circumstances realized to the sender or unaware to the sender. Example telling a story of great importance in a public- transport(Example-bus). The sender may only be aware of the receiver the information is being directed to, yet the information may be passed on to unsuspecting or unintended listeners who in return becomes senders of the messages later in the process.

Types of communicationCommunication varies according to

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