Types of Communication Methods

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Running Head: THE INNS AND OUTS OF COMMUNICATION Communication Methods Communication is the sharing or transfer of information, ideas, command or request through a communication means or mode (Tantawy, 2013). The means of communication are written or spoken words, pictures, gestures, symbols, body language and looks. The primary modes are the written letter or memo, telephone, voice mail, e-mail, fax and electronic medical record (Tantawy). The types used in organizations, including healthcare organizations, are downward, upward, and lateral or horizontal (Tantawy, 2013). A downward communication emanates from a senior official to a subordinate. It is highly directive, that is, it issues orders, assigns responsibilities, informs, transmits a feedback or asks for it, emphasizes problems and other intents. Upward communication is the opposite. It comes from subordinate ranks to provide feedback, progress or issues; or seek approval. And lateral or horizontal communication is sent among those in the same levels or ranks to share information for updating or sharing and to save time (Tantawy). Addressing a Negative Media Report The communications coordinator must weigh and evaluate his choices carefully. Responding may help the complainant and the public see the organization in a new and better light. At other times, it may be better to withhold a response if it will only expose the organization to more criticism and more negative report (Barone, 2009). But in this
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