Types of Conflict

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Minding the different reasons of wars as inferred by the several political philosophies, it is essential to classify the motives of war. According to Seyon (1987), this can be accomplished by “differentiating the types of conflicts.”(Seyon 254) Firstly, at the international structure level, conflicts are every so often fought for the reason of an emptiness of power. The reason of war on this level is generally due to the absence of a totalitarian leader or a principal country. This international anarchic situation leaves countries no choice but to do things in their self-concern in order to stay alive. One needs to note at this point that anarchy in this situation designates the lack of a dominant authority in the international structure and it doesn’t mean the often used replacement for anarchy and chaos. Secondly, Brown (1987) says that wars that happened in early olden times of history amongst primitive populations were every so often about “demanding additional space or territory.” (Brown 126) The bigger the territory and the more different the ecosystem in that land was, the extra reason the prehistoric people and tribes had to secure them for their tribe and their people. This would provide the winning community bigger grounds so they could hunt as well as the opportunity to find more fruits, and generally speaking, have a more protected amount of incomes. However, the idea of having a fight over an area or territory can originate in the 20th century as well. For
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