Types of Family Structure

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Understanding Family The type of family structure I grew up in was very traditional and structured. The family was intact. Mom stayed home and dad went to work in order to make money to pay the bills. He was always the breadwinner, and mom was a stay-at-home mom who took care of the children and the house instead of working outside the home. Both parents were open minded, warm, and loving, but they were also authoritative and serious about taking care of the children, the house, and each other. Overall, it was a very effective way to raise a family, and is being passed along to future generations of my family in order to preserve tradition and show how things can work out very nicely for people who are interested in keeping to some of the older ways of raising a family. Both parents do not always have to work for there to be enough money to survive (Mattox, 1990). It is possible for the mother to stay home, and if she has a lot of children it might actually be less expensive than paying for daycare (Forbes, 2005). If mom works but her entire paycheck goes for childcare expenses she has not gained anything. She has only lost time with her children (Forbes, 2005). While there are not as many moms who stay home today, there is nothing wrong with mom staying home and dad working. My parents were always happy with that arrangement and did not see the need to make changes. They were open minded enough to have made changes, though, if they had both wanted to or if there was
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