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University of Phoenix Material Types of Myths Worksheet Knowledge, Belief, Myth, and Religion Directions: Answer the following question on knowledge, belief, myth, and religion in 3 to 5 sentences. How are knowledge, belief, myth, and religion related to one another and how are they distinct from one another? Use an example from your life or popular culture to explain this relationship. Knowledge is made up of facts, truth, stories, and more. Belief is “the assertion that something is true without necessary proof, evidence or facts to back it up.” Myth is a fictional story, tends to have a hero or event to justify a social preamble. Religion is a combination of beliefs, and myths that helps draw attention of followers.…show more content…
24). This means it allows us to find truths about how people behaved in any stories. How have these pieces of literature helped society to understand the universe? It helped society understand the universe because it helps us see things differently and figure out what is not perfect and what is perfect because according to Powell, “the material world in which we live, reported to us by our senses, is nonetheless to some extent modeled after the perfect rational world” (Powell, 2002, p. 23) Medieval and Renaissance Myths Myth 1: Song of Solomon Literature it’s found in: The Bible Myth 2: Three sisters representing 4 stages of intoxication – too much wine, the forgetfulness it causes, lust and sheer madness. Literature it’s found in: Story of Liber of Mythologies of Fulgentius (Powell, 2002). Answer the following questions: Describe medieval and Renaissance myths. It is used heavily in classical mythology because in retrospect, there are morals in any classical (traditional) stories but was used in mythological stories. A good example of this would be the bible, according to Powell who wrote, “the allegorical method whereby moral meanings were drawn from old stories was also applied extensively to the Bible” (Powell, 2002, p. 24). How have these pieces of

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