Types of Propaganda Used in George Orwell¨s Novels

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Propaganda is being used throughout history from as early as the 1600s. Adolf Hitler uses propaganda to brainwash Europe into believing that Jewish societies are wicked. In the Russian Revolution, propaganda is used through posters to either support or oppose Stalin’s ideas. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, he suggests the notion that propaganda is used to persuade or brainwash individuals; this is demonstrated by glittering generalities of using words that stir emotions, transfer, which is the use of propaganda through symbols and quotes, and finally fear which present a dreaded circumstance. Propagandists use glittering generalities by using emotional words to stir up desired emotions; this is used quite often in Animal Farm. …show more content…
During this time, there is a lot of trouble going around, and this song is to emphasise on how great of a leader Napoleon is, even though he is not, so no one questions or challenges him. When Squealer gives his speeches on Napoleon, he persuades the other animals on how kind-hearted he is: “Squealer would talk with the tears rolling down his cheeks of Napoleon’s wisdom, the goodness of his heart, and the deep love” (62). Squealer would say this to all of the animals even though it is not necessarily true. Transfer is not used that much in Animal Farm, but when it is used it has a lot of influence on the animals. The last method of propaganda used in Animal Farm is fear. Fear is a type of propaganda that is used to present a dreaded circumstance that is followed by a behaviour needed to avoid that event. Mr. Jones is used as fear by the pigs: “Surely, comrades, you do not want Jones back” (37). Squealer uses this as an excuse to why Snowball should stay out of the farm. When Old Major gives his speech he includes how scary Jones is and what reality is like with Jones: “Jones ties a brick round their necks and drowns them in the nearest pond” (5). Old Major is trying to tell them that Jones is their main problem and they should get rid of him. Secondly, Napoleon uses a lot of fear. He uses his dogs and Squealer to manipulate and scare the animals: “Squealer spoke so persuasively, and the three dogs who happened to be with him growled so
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