Types of Racism Essay

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Racism is the act of passing judgment on a person on the basis of their skin color, social or cultural background. Prejudice refers to forming of opinions or judgments about people or a situation without basing on facts as evidence. Stereotypes are defined as certain notions or beliefs that are carried about a specific person or people or a way of doing things without substantial proof to back these claims. Institutional racism refers to a kind of discrimination that is based on race. This kind of discrimination happens in institutions. An example of institutional racism is when a person of a particular race is given priority position wise over others because he is of the same race as those who are doing the selection. Racism, though …show more content…
In the long run, they end up discriminating the white man, who also retaliates in a bid to protect themselves. Therefore, unless these two groups learn to forgive each other of the sins that were committed before they were born, racism is far from over in our society.
The race is indeed a biological category. This is because it is based on the genes that make them posses a different skin color from other people who belong to other races. However, ethnicity is a totally different category that cannot be grouped together with racism. Ethnicity refers to the way a person has been brought up and the characters and cultures that they are brought up in. Therefore, color should not be used to determine a person’s ethnicity, rather his practices. Racial determinism refers to the classification of people depending on their racial backgrounds. This is mainly in the form of the color of their skin.
The most common form of unintentional racism is when a person tries to identify or socialize with people of a different racial background from theirs. In their minds, they may think that they are trying to be all inclusive, but subconsciously they are being racist. This is because they are determining the kind of people they are socializing with according to their race. A true non racist person is one who is not able to realize that the people he

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