Types of Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

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Introduction Bipolar Disorder, also known as manic depression in layman's terms, is basically a psychiatric condition in which an individual suffers extreme mood swings, ranging from a highly elevated mood (Johnson, 2005) to low levels of depression (Motovsky & Pecenak, 2013). These shifts in mood result in changes in behavior and thinking of the affected individuals. However, the condition only affects the person mentally. Bipolar disorders in patients are hard to identify initially as they can be mistaken for major depressions. As of now, there is no known cure to bipolar disorder. Its effects though, can be controlled. There are often chances of relapse this disease, so continued treatment is provided to the patient. Thus, treatment of the diseases today largely consists of prevention and control of the diseases. Types of Treatments Treatment via Medication A combination of techniques is required to combat this disease. These include not only medication, and psychiatric therapy but also prevention methods used on the patient's part, change in the lifestyle along with care and support from family, friends and colleagues. The main aim of these treatments is to reduction of the severity and frequency of the frenzied episodes of depression and mania that occur. Medications known as mood stabilizers are prescribed by psychiatrists and medical practitioners for control of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. One of the first and most popular medicinal drugs prescribed by
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