Typical Day For Me Essay

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November 11, 1989, typical day for me. Go out to parties, spend time with the family, no need to worry about anything. Until 6:37 p.m., my assistant called. The stock market crashed, my dad passed away in a car accident. I felt like I had no control of the world. After my Dad, I was the most trusted person in our whole family, including the cousins. Everybody came to me, they thought I had a plan but I did not. I could not even think straight in the situation. “Jai, you will take care of us right?” A whole new chapter in my life has started and I have to accept that. I have to put in the work and find something that will supply the money for my family on short notice. I called all my friends for job offers, nobody said I was qualified enough. Except for one friend, he said I could get a job to help cater for marriage. I knew that Indian marriages are celebrated grandly and I would have to work a lot and very hard, however, I had no other choice. As I arrive at the wedding to…show more content…
For breakfast they didn’t make me cook anything I just served some casual coffee. This time when I walked passed Lasya, not even a single word. When I got to my next table I hear a laugh that I recognize. My Dad's business rival, Bala. When we lost our money he said we were ignorant in the first place, and we should have lost our money way before. This time he said “Wow, you really are living like you are rich,” after he saw me working for others. I did not feel like I needed any more problems right now. Later that day, I got a call from my Mom making sure that I am doing well. I told her not to worry and that everything will be fine. The afterparty of the day was at a huge club reserved for us. Since I was in a party mood I wanted to say something inspiring. “This morning one of rich best friends asked if I am living rich, and even though I am not living with a lot of money, I am completing my work and that makes me live life like I’m rich. Standing
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