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2.2. Typologies of humanitarian organization Numerous researchers have explained the typologies of the humanitarian organization with an end goal to clarify and investigate separation among humanitarian assistance agencies characters, particularly with regard to how organization put themselves with respect to the sovereign states in the global world structure (Behrer, 2011, p.16). According to Stoddard (2003), there are three fundamental typologies in the field of humanitarian agencies activity, which shape the future of the humanitarian assistance organization; they are the religious, the "Dunantist" and the 'Wilsonian'. The religious organization put themselves as the stride between their religion goals and secular world to help people in needs. Catholic Relief service, Catholic international development charity (CAFOD) and Caritas are some of the most recognizable aid organization in the humanitarian organization. For religious organization, the conversion into their religion is in theory less than issues; for example in Covenant of Judaism, Jews are not compelled to recruit other people to convert to their religion, while in Islam “Koran” also agree within the core of universal human values (Stoddard , 2003, p.1). The “Dunantist” is humanitarian organization type that put…show more content…
The first impact is the freedom to pursue the humanitarian assistance is disappearing because of the control of politic pressure to cure and give medical aid to a particular region, person or the obligation to not to do so. The second impact is looking from the perception of a population where humanitarian relief being exercised, If people from the battle zone notice the relation between one particular party and the humanitarian organization, it can lead to losing access from the community as well as staff insecurity in the fields (Barnett, 2005,
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