Tyrant Parents Are A Danger To Muslim Society And Family

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social class in which they are brought up, by the personality and attitude of their parents and by the love and feelings of security or lack of it also affects the children. Parents, damaging aggressive behavior results in child beating and non accidental injuries. Children are effected by spacing of birth also by the number of siblings, smaller the gap greater the jealousies among siblings. Among the first born there is excess of genius and delinquents.
Islam has given parents so much right on their children. But it does not mean that parents have been given license to ill-treat their children. Tyrant parents are a danger to Muslim society and family.
Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) has said: “Allah has cursed those parents who (by their behaviour) compel their children to disobey them.”
If the parents themselves do not care about the rights of their children; if they do not give proper religious education, if they neglect their character-building, if they put so much burden upon them that is beyond their strength; if they behave towards their children tyrannically- then it is they who are compelling the children to revolt against them; and they will become candidates of the above mentioned curse of Allah.
Human gets his essential social traditions from the family. The real foundations of moral characters are laid while the individual is yet in pre-school age; for it is the most impressionable period of his life and this is mainly within the family circle. The family is the chief

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