Tyson Foods

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BACKGROUND During the Great Depression, Arkansas poultry farmer John Tyson supported his family by selling vegetables and poultry. In 1935, after developing a method for transporting live poultry (he installed a food-and-water trough and nailed small feed cups on a trailer), he bought 500 chickens in Arkansas and sold them in Chicago (Hoovers, 2011). For the next decade Tyson bought, sold, and transported chickens. By 1947, the year he incorporated the company as Tyson Feed & Hatchery, he was raising the chickens himself. He emphasized chicken production, opening his first processing plant in 1958 in Springdale, where he implemented an ice-packing system that allowed the company to send its products greater distances…show more content…
However, it is important to note that Tyson Foods does not mention anything concerning technology, customers, suppliers, or their public image. The two enormous exemptions from Tyson’s mission statement are their suppliers and their lack of concern with public image. Tyson has been criticized infinite times on how they treat their suppliers (farmers) and animals. Yet, Tyson Foods obviously does not want to rectify their public reputation in their mission statement. By creditably mentioning the importance of their fine suppliers and the high quality products they produce, Tyson would tremendously increase their positive public image (Tyson Foods, 2011).

I would strongly suggest Tyson Foods, Inc. update their current mission statement by combining a few key points from their vision statement with a few other various critiques. For example:

“Our mission is to produce and market trusted quality food products that fit today's changing lifestyles. We are blessed to have the best agricultural team and employees in the food industry. As a leading food manufacturer we value our customers and their health needs. We strive to be the world's first choice for protein solutions while maximizing shareholder value, living our Core Values and fostering a fun work environment.”

Goals and Objectives

Tyson Foods Inc., does not have clear cut goals and
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