U-High Creek Water Quality

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The water quality of the U-High creek is excellent, however not all water is excellent like U-Highs creek. One-way people could pollute the water is when farmers put fertilizer on their plants. When it rains it flows into rivers and the chemicals nitrogen and phosphorus can cause plants like algae to grow faster and may cover the sea floor. This is bad for the plants under algae because they will not be able photosynthesize. Also when the algae are broken down the bacteria quickly multiply using all of the oxygen in the water which may kill other animals. (Lenntech 1998) Another way people can pollute the creek is after heavy rainfall the drainage systems overflow into rivers or lakes which pollutes the water with feces and urine, this may…show more content…
The no mow zone reduces pollution in many ways (Don’t Mow in the Riparian Zone). One way is the tall grass around the creek can collect pollution or bad chemicals, if these chemicals get in the water then the organisms may die. The problem is it costs lot to maintain the grass and costs money. If your Riparian Zone is unhealthy the land may start to erode and fall into the creek, this means the trees around the edge where the erosion is happening may die because they are not getting enough water. This may cause animals like birds and squirrels to lose their homes (Don’t Mow in the Riparian…show more content…
This will allow people to save time and money. BAM the bacteria in which makes water undrinkable is not easily degradable, the bacteria helping the water can lower the levels by 50%. (Rodriguez 2016) If people start to use this product they will be able to save money and spend money elsewhere. Although you may not like the idea of bacteria to clean your water or that there may be some residue left the bacteria is harmless to humans and would not be able to grow in our bodies. Although the BAM levels are reduced by 50% there still is some BAM left in the water. They may not be able to fully clean the water which may make it undrinkable. So far it is not possible to spread the bacteria though an entire column of water. Which would make it easier to produce more clean water on a larger scale. (Rodriguez
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