U.S. Constitution Outline

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THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES The Preamble * The preamble’s purpose is to assure that the people are the authority of the Constitution. The preamble also lets it be known to the people what the purposes of the Constitution are. ARTICLE I. (Legislative Branch) * Congress consists of Senate and House of Representatives are granted all the legislative powers * Each state has the right to elect their House of Representatives for two years and two senates for six years. * Congress can make rules, punish a member and expel a member with the two third of the vote. * To pay the debts, for the common defense and general Welfare to the United States, congress has the power to collect taxes, duties, imposts and…show more content…
Amendment XIV. All citizens of the united states should have equal right and protected by the law. Amendment XV. Every single male citizen of the United States has the right to vote. Amendment XVI. Congress has the power to collect taxes. Amendment XVII. Two senates should be elected from each States for six years terms. Amendment XVIII. Drinking alcohol is prohibited by the law Amendment XIX. Every single Female Citizen of the United States has the right to vote. Amendment XX. The terms of the President and the senators should be ended in an appointed time. Amendment XXI. The probation of the alcohol has been repealed. Amendment XXII. A president should be elected for no more than two terms Amendment XXIII. The citizens that live in the District of Columbia have the right to vote for the president and vice president of the U.S. Amendment XXIV. All federal elections do not have a poll tax. Amendment XXV. If a president happens to die or resign, the vice president is next in line to take his place. If there is no one holding the vice president title, the president may choose someone to fill this office with the consent of the congress. Amendment XXVI. If you are 18 or older, you cannot be denied to vote. Amendment XXVII. Allows voters to have some control over the increases in salaries for congress members. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE SUMMARY The declaration opens with a preamble
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