U.S. Education Today & Tomorrow

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U.S. Education Today & Tomorrow This paper reviews four important trends in our educational system today across America and discusses the impact of these trends on our future educational system. We live in an ever evolving world with constant changes that are affecting every aspect of our lives daily. Our educational system has not been immune to these changes and shouldn’t be since these changes and our ability to adapt to these changes will determine our future academic success and our place in a global society. Trend 1: Diverse & Older Population America has always been a melting pot of diversity, but current statistics show that in the near future minorities will become the majority percentage of…show more content…
Most likely, neither one of the aging population or the students of tomorrow will have all their needs met to the fullest potential. My rationale for this is if history is a good indicator or predictor of future behaviors, then sacrifices and compromise will be made in these issues as well. Trend 2: Increased Reliance on Technology Technology can be found in every classroom of schools today and continues to grow as the field of technology continues to advance. School age children today know more about technology than most middle-aged adults because they have been exposed to it from such an early age. We live in the technology age and it’s clear that technology is here to stay and has permeated every area of our lives including home, work and leisure. Because of this, educators and school staff have been tech-savvy and must continue to keep up with the technological advances in order to present as competent to the student body. Technology has impacted the way our students learn and has provided avenues of learning to disabled students that they didn’t have in the past and has provided teaching staff with a multitude of resources and diversity in class activities to aid in teaching (Pearson, 2010). Without a doubt, technology will continue to impact our educational system as new technologies emerge and our country competes to keep up with a new globalized economy. Schools will implement these technologies into the
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