U.S. Government Essay

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1. Describe how the U.S. Constitution was formed. Use historical dates and references in your answer.

The Constitution was completed and adopted in Philadelphia on September 17, 1987. One of its main functions was to ensure the thirteen states became worked as one rather than following separate laws. Before the Constitution there was a weaker government that encompassed many problems and holes that needed ratification. This lead to a convention in order to create a stronger central government that would fix the issues the current government was facing. This convention lead to the birth of the U.S. Constitution, which was and still is considered the supreme law. The Constitutional Convention was held at the State House in Philadelphia
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The President must enforce laws, appoint the Cabinet members and those who are the heads of government agencies. “The legislative branch is the law making branch of government made up of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and agencies that support Congress.” (USA.gov) The job of this branch is to write the bills. If a bill does not pass in Congress it will not go to the President. The Legislative Branch is made of 535 people, 100 of whom are senators and 435 are representative. Where the Senators will serve six years and the representatives will only serve two. “The judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court, Lower Courts, Special Courts, and court support organizations.” (USA.gov) This branch is headed by the Supreme Court, the highest court, and only intervenes on issues of national importance. They also handle any questions that arise in the lower courts that concern the law. The Supreme Court interprets laws passed by Congress and is made up of the chief justice along with eight associate justices who are appointed by the President and than approved by Senate. A justice can serve in their position for life unless they retire. Although the U.S. follows the federal system there are three major types of government, Unitary, Federal, and Confederation. Confederations are less common however the type of government that will work best depends upon the country itself and what it needs. With a Unitary system the majority of the power lies within the
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