U.S. Government Need to Give Larger Funding NASA

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Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered what life outside of Earth would be like? Many people don’t realize the scale of space. You are essentially a grain of sand on an endless beach. NASA is a space exploration program dedicated to discovering the “beach” we live in. However, it costs billions of dollars to explore space. The United States government must raise the lowered funding of NASA, allowing the program to perform larger missions at a faster rate. NASA is responsible for putting a man on the Moon, landing rovers on the surface of Mars, and many other astounding accomplishments. They perform all of these feats through funding from the United States government. NASA shouldn’t have to deal with budget cuts because of the work they put in and the information they learn from space.
To begin with, funding for NASA has dramatically been reduced compared to the 1960s during the Space Race (Budget of NASA 1). In 1966, where the funding for NASA peaked, the United States government gave NASA almost 6 billion dollars which is about 37 billion dollars today (1). This was equal to about 4.4% of the United States annual budget (1). The last official record of the NASA budget was in 2012, a little over 18 billion dollars (1). This still sounds like a lot of money, which it is, but the cut has reduced the budget by a third of what it used to be (1). NASA has had to turn towards smaller, single purpose satellites and probes (Butler 59). This is a good and bad
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