U.S. Government Structure

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U.S. GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE: THE CONSTITUTION : MAIN PRINCIPLES Self-government is the most important principle in the Constitution of the United States. The Founding Fathers saw that they needed to have a system which would make sure that everyone had a voice in the local, state and national governments. They wanted to have a system that could be changed when necessary. They wrote this system into the Constitution of the United States in 1787. It has lasted more than 200 years, through many changes in the world and the country. To this day the Constitution provides the basis for the United States government. The Constitution is often called the supreme law for two reasons: • No other laws may contradict any of its principles; and, •…show more content…
For example, the laws passed by the Congress cannot contradict the Constitution. The laws are checked by the court system and are sent to the President for approval. STRUCTURE OF THE CONSTITUTION Chapter 11 of the United States History book describes how the Constitution was written in 1787 and the many compromises that were made when it was written. Americans have been devoted to defending the principles in the Constitution, changing it only as much as needed to adapt to the changing world. The Constitution has two main sections: the document and the amendments. The Document This part of the Constitution never has been changed. It lists the reasons why the Constitution was written and sets up the structure or system of government. Its different parts are: • the Preamble, which gives the philosophy of the government (The Appendix has a copy of the Constitution.); and, • the Articles: - Article I set up the legislative branch and listed its duties and powers; - Article II set up the executive branch and listed its duties and powers; - Article III set up the judicial branch and listed its duties and powers; - Article IV set up a uniform relationship between the states; - Article V set up the procedure for amending or changing the Constitution; - Article VI set up the Constitution as the supreme law of the country; and, - Article VII set up how the Constitution would be ratified by the states.
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