Essay on U.S. Health Care Timeline

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Joyc Furtak HLT-205 June 2, 2013 Daisy Savarirajan U.S. Health Care Time Line Health care dates back almost to the beginning of time. Each new time period brought new procedures to us here in the United States. For some reason the United States fell behind as far as these new procedures went. Other countries were more developed health care wise. The same holds true for today. This is a brief time line of some of the health care eras we have seen here in the United States. From the days of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid era and up until the late 1800’s other countries, France, Germany and Great Britain to name a few, were way ahead of the United States in health care education and practice. This added to the fact that medical…show more content…
In 190, the AMA (American Medical Association). During the early years, membership in this organization, grew to an outstanding number of 8000 physicians in 1900 to 70,000 in 1910 ( Healthcare crisis timeline). These years would become known as the start of “organized medicine” ( During the 1910’s the American Association for Organized Labor (AALL) banned together to have the first talks about acquiring social insurance, but when the United States entered into the war in 1917, combined with doctors and other organizations put a stall on the social insurance idea. The depression in the 1930’s brought about the Social Security Act. This, however, omitted health insurance. Blue Cross also started offering people hospital care insurance in several states. The 1940’s brought us the introduction of penicillin. President Truman tries to implement a single system for health care that would benefit all of America. The AMA abruptly turned his implementation down and actually referred as a “Communist plot” in the House subcommittee ( The 1960’s brought us a rise in the number of people who are having a difficult time paying for health care insurance. This era also brought about Medicare and Medicaid by President Lyndon Johnson. There is an increase of medical professionals who have begun calling themselves specialist. During 1960, this grew from 55% to 69%. By the time the 1990’s rolled around, the cost of any kind of health care had a growth
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