U.S. History 1877-1933 Essay

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“The United States emerged from a virulent, intense, and inhumane civil war and evolved into a new nation during this period. This transition was the culmination of political, economic, social, and cultural movements which transformed the nation. E Pluribus Unum - out of many United States, one nation; the United States was forged in the cauldron of these revolutions." -Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History
The above statement is one that seems to be very true when looking back upon the history of the United States. From the years 1877 to 1933, this country went through many changes and transitions in the areas of politics, economy, society, and culture, which resulted in the
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In 1914 the Smith Lever Act which placed farm agents in every county in the U.S. The Smith Hughs Act in 1917, which granted federal money to states to create agricultural courses in high schools. And in 1929, the Agricultural Marketing Act was passed which created the Farm Loan Board. This Board was made to grant low interest, long term loans to farmers only.
The Granger Movement, the Greenback Movement, and the Silver Movement were also very influential in the shaping of present day America. But one of the most important movements in American history is the business movement, although the rise of business during this time is not called a movement, I feel that calling it a movement is appropriate. The rise of business and corporations is very significant because it shaped the American economy and helped lead America to become so successful. Corporations helped put capital into the economy and promote trade with other countries, thus strengthening diplomacy. Big businesses and corporations also provide employment. A major disadvantage of corporations is the possibility of a monopoly forming. This would hurt other small businesses as well as the economy. Influential leaders of the business movement are Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, Armour, Hill, and Vanderbilt. Important results of this movement are the increase of national wealth, increase in standard of living, immigration, urbanization,
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