Essay on U.S. Technological Advances 1925-1950

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| Technology Advances From 1925-1950 | | | | | | Technological Advances From 1925-1950 This country has seen some of the most dramatic changes in technology, the economy, and global dominance to ever occur in America’s history. Times were good during the 1920s as the economy was booming and unemployment was low. However, the market was being overinflated and the pace of economic growth could not be sustained and in 1929 the stock market started dropping significantly. The entire country turned into a panic and the whole economy was being dragged down while unemployment skyrocketed. During the 1930s, America went through the worst depression in recent history. Lawmakers scrambled to figure out how to solve this…show more content…
It was dubbed The Manhattan Project and consisted of some of the most brilliant physicists at the time such as Albert Einstein. Then, in 1945 arguably the most powerful and controversial technology was developed. This was the nuclear bomb and it completely changed the world forever. This weapon could be used to decimate entire cities and the only time it was ever used during any conflict was in 1945 (Shalett, n.d.). Japan was the target and the bomb left nothing but rubble in its path. The government played a large role in funding the development of the many cutting edge technologies during this time period. This was a time period where government introduced never before seen laws that dramatically increased spending. The most sweeping legislation developed during this time period was the New Deal signed by President Theodore Roosevelt. The New Deal tried to provide relief from the Great Depression through programs of regulation, inflation, price stabilization, and public works. This also created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), National Recovery Administration (NRA), Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Public Works Administration (Columbia, 2013). The most well-known agency today is the FDIC which insures bank deposits up to a limit. This was aimed at preventing future runs on the bank. The New Deal also attempted to
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