U.S vs Frances Healthcare

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National Healthcare Systems: The United States and France
Community Health
Kelvin Joseph
October 17, 2012

Healthcare is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. It a very important part of everyone 's lives, no matter where they live. Every country has their own type of healthcare that helps take care of the cost of medical attention. There are four models of healthcare systems that every country generally follows. Much government makes changes to the models in order to better accommodate their needs. There are many components and plans in healthcare systems that allow the systems to operate the way they do. The United States and France are two examples of countries with very different
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When it comes to Veterans the United States follows the Beveridge model. For citizens over the age of 65, the National Health Insurance model is used. The working class Americans ' health insurance is modeled after the Bismark model. For Americans who don 't have health insurance, the United States follows the Out of Pocket model. France, on the other hand follows only the Bismark model. America 's working class and all of France have the same healthcare model. In the United States, there is a third party, aside from the patient who is the buyer, and the hospital who is the seller. The insurance company or government agency is considered the third party. The money flows through the third party. The reasons for having a third party is for patients to be prepared against large unseen costs of treatment, and so governments can assure their citizens access to health care. Healthcare is in part, market based, and is paid for privately by employers or an individual. Another way healthcare in the US is financed is by the government. For example, the US government funds supports Medicare, insurance for the elderly and disabled, and Medicaid, which covers low income Americans. In France everyone has health care. Health care in France is also financed by both private and government insurance, and people generally get insurance through their employer. The French national insurance program is mostly funded by payroll and income taxes (Shapiro 'Health care '). The funds are
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