U.s. A Multicultural Country

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In terms of diversity, the U.S. contains a lot of history, which makes them what they are now. Both the U.S. as well as Latin America were colonies, achieved independence movements and were directly influenced by countries like Spain and France. The difference relies that in the U.S., these European countries remained for a longer period of time, making the U.S. a multicultural country. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Queens, a major area of New York City is considered to be “the most diverse place on the planet” (Colangelo). There is also the Diversity Visa Program, in which the U.S. randomly allocates 55,000 visas around the world. In this program, people from six geographic regions can register for the lottery and there…show more content…
There are mostly no prejudices against religion and skin color, most of the Latin people gather together and find ways to support each other, no matter where they are, they like to keep in touch and help the ones with less experience. Overall this supportive characteristic of Latin people should be applied to the U.S. culture in order to create a more unified country and improve the way their society develops. This could help stop riots, mass shootings and violence acts towards people from different religion which has been increasing in the U.S. in the last 5 years. The sentiment of integration and inclusion is something the U.S. hasn’t developed yet. In the case of Latin culture, whenever they feel they are not being respected and that their differences are not taken into consideration, their sentiment of integration towards the American culture decreases and there is when riots and protests trigger. But on the other side, when these people are taking into account as part of the U.S. many things including economy, safety and legal issues have positive effects. Although, at some point people from Latin America are running away from their country because of political and economic problems, there should be agreements, which are the reforms in the immigration policies in order to stop this cycle and create better and
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