U.s. A Vs. Scandinavian Nations

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Brandon Colon
Political Science
The U.S.A vs Scandinavian Nations

The United States has been widely accepted as a country where anyone can come and make him or herself into something out of nothing. It is the self-proclaimed “land of the free and home of the brave”. While all these glorious statements about America were once true, sadly now they are false. Every year our International upward-mobility ranking regresses, meaning it is becoming harder and harder for Americans to move up the financial ladder. But how is it that a country that has the largest GDP can be outside the top 10 in upward-mobility? Why is it that the most powerful and wealthy country in the world doesn’t have free/universal healthcare? How is it that while other nations have begun promoting free college tuition we have refused to do so? This is because the United States does not have a welfare state like the Scandinavian countries do. The United States isn’t a welfare state because Americans have an irrational fear of becoming “socialist”. Ever since the Cold War Americans have had a baseless fear of anything that resembles socialism, claiming it is anti-American. Some of the people who live in constant terror of a socialist America are our right-winged conservatives who have went out of their way to make sure there is minimal government intervention in all aspects of our lives. This should be a good thing, right? The fact that the government doesn’t intervene in the affairs of its individual

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