U.s. American And Chinese Education Practices

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In this world, people who live in different cultures have different philosophies on how to educate children. It is all about values, this has an influence on shaping culture and how parents choose to raise their children. The value is defined through culture is to have a relationship between yourself and others. Now this concept explains how Chinese and U.S. America culture shapes their value, which impact those children’s education. The life of a Chinese and U.S. American have a really different perspective from each other, this is what will cover in this paper, the most important focus ideas are the comparison of U.S. American and Chinese’s education practices, values, teaching methods, patents impacts, technology, and intercultural communication in educational practices. Doing the research for this concept, and explain the ideas of education practices in Chinese and U.S. American that including finding more information for Chinese and U.S. American education practices. Also to understanding the education practices, values of U.S. American and Chinese. Complete the findings on the difference of education practices between the two different countries, how did their cultures impact their experience with home and school. As well, related to intercultural communication with their culture experience and the environment surrounding the child and through education context. The person’s personalities include his/her cultures’ beliefs, values, norms, and social practices with…
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