U.s. And Ireland Government Essay

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U.S. and Ireland Government The overall organization of the U.S. and Irish government has a lot of similarities but also has its differences. Ireland is known to be a parliamentary democracy and has 3 branches of government, which are the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary branch. The United States is similar in the way that they also have three branches of government which are the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch and has a democracy. The constitution was the foundation for the U.S government just like it was for the Irish government and how they govern their country. In Ireland there are many political parties while in the U.S. there are mainly only two. The Irish constitution applies to the 32 counties in Ireland but in the United States it refers to the 50 states. In Ireland their common law system is based on the English model and in the United States it’s based on the English common law. The United States and Irish government has many legislative powers in common, but the difference would be between the offices. In the United States the Legislative Branch consists of the congress which is made up of two houses. The vice president plays a role in one of the houses which is the Senate. The Senate is based on equal representation, which allows 2 senators to be elected from each state, making it a total of 100 Senators. The other house which is The House of Representatives is based on population meaning the more the population a state has the more
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