U.s. Bush Address The World 's View On The Middle East And Launch World War II

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On March 19th, 2003 from the White House oval office President George W. Bush addressed the nation. "My fellow citizens. At this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. On my orders, coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine Saddam Hussein 's ability to wage war. These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign. More than 35 countries are giving crucial support from the use of naval and air bases to help with intelligence and logistics to deployment of combat units. Every nation in this coalition has chosen to bear the duty and share the honor of…show more content…
relationship started with Iraq, and what reasons the U.S. did have for invading Iraq. For almost two decades, this country has been at war and we are told that this war is being fought to secure freedom of all Americans. Yet, for every passing day that goes by we as a nation feel less secure everyday. In order for us to understand why Iraq is in its current state, we must look at its history in order for us to understand its present. During the 1980’s, Saddam Hussein and the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party controlled the Iraqi government. During their rule, Iraq had and unprecedented amount of high economic growth and soaring prosperity, but they also faced social and political stagnation. The annual income for an average citizen had decreased because of foreign sanctions, and several Ba’ath party economic policies. Hussein surrounded himself with those who were most loyal to him and became the father of the nation to the Iraqi people. During this period, Iraq was considered a stable state and considering the fact that many horrific criminal acts were committed by the regime, the state of Iraq was a functional one. As history has shown us many developing countries with dictator’s states tend to be more successful under an oppressive regime than having a democratic society. The Ba 'ath Party also created what would become a propaganda center for pro-Saddam literature, Movies, songs, and more. It was said that the propaganda campaign created a common sense of
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