U.s. Citizen Is The Freedom Of Chase And Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

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The one thing I admire about being a U.S. citizen is the freedom to chase and fulfill your wildest dreams. It is one of few countried where you can determine you lifestyle. The fabric of our country safeguards the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. Every year millions come here to pursue their version of the American Dream. America is the filled with opportunities to enhance the quality of life. A key to success is being able to identify and take advantage of the right opportunities. Coach Majors was unrelenting about taking advantage of opportunities. “An opportunity that is lost is never regained”, he often referenced while we were competing for conference championships and bowl games. The same holds true for every aspect of life. I am sure that there was some chances that you wish you could have again. I am not speaking merely of the nostalgic opportunities, but the opportunities to move closer to your dreams. The ones we failed to take full advantage of and the ones we let slip through our grasps. Being able to discern the right opportunities is critical in order to seize the right ones. Your opportunities should get you one step closer to your achieving your goal enrout to fulfilling your destiny. In other words, your pursuit of opportunities should be consistent with where you are going, your dream and vision. Being opportunistic means taking advantage of the right ones to

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