U.s. Coast Guard Leadership School

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Five weeks at the U.S. Coast Guard (CG) Chief Petty Officer Academy (CPOA) has inspired my spirit, strengthened my body, and encouraged my heart. Week-by-week, the CPOA has been one of the most influential periods of my life. Through guided self-introspection, a safe and positive environment, establishment of goals, insightful challenges, and rigorous physical activity, increased blood flow has flooded my stagnant cellar, cleansing the dust and cobwebs that lay dormant. With 12 years active duty, I am a Boatswain’s Mate (BM) by trade and Executive Petty Officer by title. My career-long goal has recently been realized, for I am the Prospective Officer in Charge of USCG Station Apra Harbor in Guam. I have an amazing 2.75-year-old…show more content…
Each person needed to jump, the rope needed to move continuously, and it needed to look like jump rope. Simple right? A few of my classmates stepped up and directed their vision to complete the task. Everyone would “jump” over the rope as it basically lay motionless on the ground, then they would spin it, like jump rope, pause again, and let the next person go while the rope lay on the ground. After all 72 Chiefs “jumped” the rope, the proud few who came up with the idea said, “done, what’s next?” One of the instructors then asked a few questions to the class such as, “are you guys satisfied with that,” and “was that jump rope?” The smugness of the people that came up with the idea was somewhat sickening, for they were absolutely satisfied with the bare minimum performance Class 211 had just displayed. Then came the crucial question from the instructor, “are you guys satisfied with that?” This spawned a 30-minute-long discussion by my shipmates trying to justify their subpar performance. “Who is not satisfied with that,” the instructor added. As I looked around at 71 other Chiefs, not one hand raised up. I slowly raised my lonely hand, knowing full well all eyes would be on me and that tempers would flare by my reasoning. “Why not,” the instructor asked. I explained that our performance did not look like jump rope, and seemed to me, to be the easy way out. Passionate statements pointing out the fact that we had
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