U.s. Congressional Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction Era
In 1865, the city was devastated because of the crisis that left the civil war. Therefore, political, economic and social issues needed to be resolved to improve and reconstruct the Nation. It was the period in which the State and local governments in the South were restored, and the Southern states were unified to the rest of the States. This essay emphasizes the differences between congressional and presidential reconstruction. Also, it highlights the achievements and success of both. Although the presidential and congressional Reconstruction has some similarities, they also disagreed on many points and created a conflict between each other. Nevertheless by early 1867, the new Congress passed the Reconstruction Act of 1867 over President Johnson’s veto. The Congressional Reconstruction Plan dramatically changed politics in the South.
The reconstruction was a process of reformation that affected the whole nation. There were three main Reconstruction plans. Two were presidential “The Lincoln and Johnson’s Plan. Meanwhile, one was Congressional.
Lincoln started a Reconstruction plan during the Civil War. To summarize, he implemented before his death, the Emancipation Proclamation, the 10% Plan and he tried to extend suffrage. But his Plan failed. The only thing that remained of his plan was to create the Freedmen’s Bureau, established in March 1865, to assist the newly freed slaves in transitioning to a life of slavery and a life of freedom. After…
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